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Bạn đang ở : Trang chủ Sản phẩm HC DA GIÀY, NHỰA, CAO SU Phụ Gia Da Giầy (Tanning Agents)

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Phụ Gia Da Giầy (Tanning Agents)
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Phụ Gia Da Giầy (Tanning Agents)

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HLS series chrome tanning powder

Principal Compositions :
Alkali chromium sulfate complex



HLS series chrome powder are chromium sulfate complex, it is a kind of fine finely granular product ,with good dissolvability,excellent permeability and nice absorbility.The leather tanned with it has even grain ,plumpy and pliable body and light colour.

HLS-C is the standard chrome powder with a higher content of chrome (25%),standard basicity(33%),it doesn’t contain masking agent and self-basifying agent.The distributions of molecules size, electric charge and compositions in solution are even.It has a good solubility and can dissolve in cold water.

HLS-A,D,F are three types of light masking chrome tanning agent ,they don’t contain self-basifying additives ,they have good buffering capacity ,excellent permeability and nice tanning agent fixating ability.they can be used in the pretanning and retanning process.

The basicity of HLS-D is 38-40% ,which is higher than HLS-C,HLS-F.It is a very homogeneous product ,it doesn’t contain basifying additives, but contains organic compositon with strong buffering capacity,so it can buffer the pH changes of tanning processs.It can penetrate uniformly and quickly,so the pelt needn’t pickling deeply.HLS-D is especially suitable to retann chrome-tanned leather ,such as suede, furnishing leather and little animal skin.

HLS-B is a kind of masking and self-basifying chrome powder ,it needn’t or only needs a little basifying agent when being used as tanning agent .it can eliminate some improper factors of tanning process and make it safe, and produce identical batches ,excellent quality and even colour leather.

HLS series chrome powder can endow leather with sound quality and even appearance ,it can also decrease the chrome content of exhaust to 0.1-0.5g/l.It make the tanning process labor and time and cost and chemical saving and environmental protect.


HB chrome containing retanning agent

Principal Compositions :
chrome, zirconium, aluminium metal coordinative compound

HB chrome containing retanning agent has the characteristics of chrome, zirconium and aluminium tanning agent .It has favorable filling property to belly ,the tanned leather is fine smooth ,full feeling and little distinction, with tight grain.It can improve the leather’s loose grain resistivity and bursting strength and tensile strength and decrease its elongation.

It can achieve deep and bright dyeing effect, reduce the amount of dyestuff.

Tanned leather with HB has excellent buffing , plating ,embossing and high wet-heating temperature resistance .

HB retanning agent contain chrome , which make it multireact with fiber.The good combination between HB and leather make it good mechanical , wet heating and washing resistibility.


H823 softening tanning agent

Principal Compositions :
Maleic anhydride derivatives and acrylic copolyme

H823 softening tanning agent doesn’t contain formaldehyde and ammonium salt and used to improve the feeling of leather.

It has great filling capability without debasing the soft feeling of leather.

H823 can accelerate the absorption and fixation of chrome.

H823 has excellent dyeing properties ,producing leather with a full feeling and pure color and fine natural grain.


ARE acrylic resin tanning agent


Principal Compositions :
Polymer of acrylic and its derivates

Excellent selective filling action , especially for the retanning and filling of incompact leather.

Tanned leather has clear ,tight and smooth grain, as to decrease loose of grain.

It can improve the fullness of leather , decrease position difference , increase leather utilance.

Be applicable in a wide pH range ,safe and economic.

Excellent sunproof ,heatproof and level dyeing properties ,can improve the adhesivity of the following coating material.


Vs Polymer Retanning agent

Principal Compositions :
Special polymer

Vs present excellent filling ability . The grain of leather treated with Vs is very compact and clear.

Giving better flexibility of grain and the level milling of leather and improving the strength and the adherence to the finishing agent.

Retaining the properties of chrome tanning leather and Using in large quantity can not influence the natural and soft handle of leather.

Having excellent resistant electrolyte ability and wide pH range of application. Using safely and expediently.

Having excellent penetrative ability and absorbency. Helping penetration of anion resin and polymer retanning agent.

Having excellent light fastness, thermal endurance and level dying properties; comparing other polymer retanning agent, Vs has merely trivial influence to the combination of dyestuff.


BRTA-SR Synthetic tannin (powder)

Principal Compositions :
Condensation product of phenols

BRTA-SR gives smooth and fine grain, natural and comfortable handle.

BRTA-SR has even filling effect and gives soft and full handle to leather.

BRTA-SR has excellent dispersion and level dyeing property, and can accelerate dispersion of other synthetic retanning agents, vegetable extracts and dye.

Leather treated with BRTA-SR has excellent milling and mechanical action resistance.


BRTA-SS Plump tannin (powder)

Principal Compositions :
Condensation product of phenols

BRTA-SS can improve the fullness of leather.

BRTA-SS can endue leather with tight, clear, smooth and fine grain .

BRTA-SS has excellent even filling , dispersing and buffering effect. When it is used together with other vegetable extracts or synthetic retanning agents it can improve the filling uniformity cross leather section. It also can avoid overfull tannin deposit and the danger of face broking.

Leather treated with BRTA-SS has excellent light resistance and level dyeing ability. So it is suitable for pastel color and exigent to light resistance leather .

BRTA-SS possesses excellent electrolytical and chemical stability.

Suede leather treated with BRTA-SS can gain better level dyeability and abrasive resistance and the fuzz is short and slender.


BRTA-BRA Bleaching tannin

Principal Compositions :
Condensation product of phenols

BRTA-BRA has excellent light resistance and good bleaching effect. Because of this, it suits for making white or pale color leather.

BRTA-BRA gives compact and fine grain and can improve the fullness and softness of leather.

BRTA-BRA has strong astringency under low pH value, which can produce wrinkle leather together with other retanning agents.

Applying BRTA-BRA in blue retanning can process before or after neutralization.

When BRTA-BRA was applied in dyeing, more level and bright dyeing effect was obtained.

When BRTA-BRA is used in tanning for pale color or non-chrome-tanned, it can be used together with other vegetable extract tanning agents (it is better to use light resistant extract). If you use BRTA-BRA replace partial vegetable extract tannin, you can get more shallow color and the light resistance was improved.


BRTA-D Dispersion tannin (powder)

Principal Compositions :
Condensation product of naphthalin and formaldehyde

BRTA - D is a kind of multifunction assistant syntan which can disperse chrome tanning agent, vegetable extract tannin agent, syntan, resin tanning agent, dye stuff, etc and has excellent penetration and level dyeing ability.

BRTA-D can reduce the tendency which formed high astringency complex particle or excess uneven particle excess deposit in the surface of leather by chrome tanning agent, vegetable extract tannin agent, syntan, resin tanning agent, dye stuff, etc,and accelerates their level and fast dispersion and distribution, accordingly, you can get fine, compact and excellent elastic leather after abolish risk of grain burst and dyeing defect.

BRTA-D possesses excellent electrolyte resistance and chemistry stability,so it can be applied in tanning and every retanning process.

Because BRTA-D has excellent dispersing ability, it can guaranty a satisfactory dispersing and penetrating of large vegetable extract in the vegetable tanning or retanning process

BRTA-D can accelerate the level distribution and penetration and improve absorb of chrome when it was used in the process of chrome tanning or retanning. BRTA-D can improve the shaved property of white hide when it was used in nonchrome tanning or the last section of prêtanning process.

BRDA-D has excellent dispersion and level dyeing effect and it can’t influence the dying color tone when it was used in dying and fatliquoring, at the same time, you can get more dispersion and penetration effect of fatliquoring agent.


Principal Compositions :
Mixed condensed compounds of naphthalene and its derivative , and contain special buffing material

BRTA-RN is the sunproof and mild retanning neutralization tannin. It has a good affinity with acid, so it can gently and thoroughly act in neutralizing.

The leather will not loose grain as BRTA-RN has a excellent buffer action and stability.And the grain is tight, smooth and exquisite because it can accelerate the penetrating of synthetic tannin and vegetable tannin in following process.

BRTA-RN can disperse the retanning agent and dyestuff, and can be used as a basification agent without any risk..



Dicyandiamine condensation polymer

BRTA-HA can improve the fullness of chrome leather, especially the fullness of ventral parts

BRTA-HA can improve the compactness of the belly, give the closed grain and full and smooth handle, and can improve the polishing effect of chrome leather.

BRTA-HA can keep the grain of smoothness, fine and tightness, and can’t arouse pimply grain as the astringency is low.

BRTA-HA has the nicer level dyeing property, and endues leather with a uniform color shade.

BRTA-HA can integrate with the finish coating and endues the excellent abrasive , plating and embossing properties .

BRTA-HA will not affect the water resistance when we use 1%-2% in filling processs.



The complex of Chrome and syntan

BROTAN-BHN has mild astringent property and good stability to electrolytes. It can be used for pretannage and retannage endow the leather with a smooth and fine grain, soft and comfortable feel and excellent dyeability.

BROTAN-BHN can opening-up of leather fibre structure fully and gain good yield of leather.

BROTAN-BHN is used for retannage to improve the combination of leather fibre with fatliquor and dyestuff . It creates very soft leathers with full , brilliant and sterling tone.

BROTAN-BHN is used in retannage to improve the reproduction of dyeing and to reduce the difference of batches.

BROTAN-BHN is suitable for wet white and pastel shaded leathers. It can insure the distribution and penetration of chrome and can improve the physical property, softness and dyeability of leather.

BROTAN-BHN can improve buffing/embossing properties.



Mixture of condensation product of naphthalene and its derivative and manifold salt of organic acid

BRTA-RN is the sunproof and mild retanning neutralization tannin. It has a good affinity with acid, so it can mild and embedded neutralization.

The leather will not loose grain as BRTA-RN has a excellent buffer action and stability. And the grain is tight and mild because it can accelerate the penetration of synthetic tannin and vegetable tannin in following process.

BRTA-RN can disperse the retanning agent and dyestuff, and can use as a basification agent without any risk..


Melamine resin

BROTAN-MR has a selective filling effect, especially fill in the slack position.

Main advantage is low astringent performance and good dispersing.

The chrome-tanning character of leather will not be changed and the leather is easy to be finished.

The finished leather could show good heat and light fastness and physical property.

The leather has soft, full and tight feel ,smooth and fine grain ,tight belly and good milling property ,good uniform dyeing property ,excellent buffing/polishing properties


Condensed product of aromatic compound and formaldehyde

BROTAN-BN imparts soft, smooth, fine and tight grain to the leather.

It has mild astringent property and excellent uniform filling effect.

It has good dispersive capacity for chrome and chrome-contented tanning agent. An improved uniform distribution of chrome is achieved evidently. It can also improve the absorptivety of chrome and grain condition.

Compared with other synthetic tannin,its low discoloration effect is propitious for the dying of dark leather.

It has good compatibility with other synthetic tannin, vegetable tannin, resin tannin, dyestuff and chrome. And an improved distribution and absorption is achieved.

It shows good heat and light fastness and is also suitable for the retanning of pastel shade leathers and heatresist leathers.

It can accelerate the penetration and combination of vegetable tannins and can avoid the formation of sediment, splash and mildew stain.

It is stable in the presence of acids, alkalis, salts and electrolytes and it is suitable for all processes of the re-tanning and dyeing.

It is especially suitable for the re-tanning and filling of NAPA , garments leather, furniture leather and motorcar upholstery leather due to its excellent uniform filling property and very low astringency.


Polycondensate of phenol

BROTAN-WS shows good heat and light fastness. It is especially suitable to manufacture pastel shade leathers and white leathers demanding for particular fastness to light.

BROTAN-WS imparts smooth, fine and tight grain. The leather is very soft and full.

BROTAN-WS can be used to manufacture the wrinkled leather with other tanning agent due to its high astringent at low pH value. It may be used as tanning agent with vegetable tannins.

BROTAN-WS is used for the re-tanning of chrome leather before or after neutralization.

BROTAN-WS can improve level dyeing property and impart vivid color.

BROTAN-WS is used for the tanning of pastel shade leathers and chrome-free leathers with vegetable tannins (it is better to use extract with good fastness to light). BROTAN-WS can impart lighter color and good fastness to light if used as a partial substitute for vegetable tannins.

BROTAN-AM Synthetic tannin

Chemical Ingredient
Naphthalene and aromatic poly-condensate

  1. Used in re-tanning of all chrome tanned leather and vegetable leather, enhance softness, fullness, fine, smooth grain and good handle. It’s suitable for upholstery leather, nappa bag and case leather and garment leather etc.
  2. AM has bleaching to all kinds of chrome tanned leather, because of excellent light fastness it also can be used in re-tanning of white or light leather.
  3. AM is soft and full synthetic tannin. Used in self-tanning or re-tanning together with vegetable tannin and synthetic tannin, usually, used together with vegetable tannin and other synthetic tannin (BROTAN-MR, BRTA-HA, BRTA-D) and copolymer tannin, with the increase of AM, softness and fullness will be more clearly. AM also used for chrome-free tanning and so on.
  4. AM has some self-dispersing, but the dispersing effect is very little for vegetable tannin and some synthetic tannin, together with BROTAN-BOS or BRTA-D AM can get excellent dispersing.
  5. Improve dyeing evenly, stuffing and embossing in some degree. BROTAN-FT Synthetic tannin Chemical Ingredient
    Mix of aromatic condensation compound


  1. Used for re-tanning of all chrome or vegetable tanned leather. Enhance cleanness and brightness, fine, firm tight grain. have right filling and good feel. so it is suitable for re-tanning of calf and goat skins, stuffed and other upper leathers.
  2. Give good effect of uniform dying, buffing and polishing, excellent light fastness, dyeing levelly.
  3. Used together with vegetable tanning will enhance its efficacy; Generally, together with BROTAN-MR、BRTA-HA、BRTA-D and BROTAN-BOS, the different filling ,tight grain can be got.
  4. Used in re-tanning of sheep and goat garment leather. Improve tightness and fine grain. No influence on soft handle.
  5. used in re-tanning of the leather which have high light fastness、heat resistance and physical strength characteristics, improve its standard and stability. BROTAN-BOS Synthetic Tannin Chemical Ingredient:
    Condensation of aromatic compound and formaldehyde

◎ The astringency is low and the free Formaldehyde is very low. Gave leather smooth and fine grain, soft and comfortable hand. Keep the chrom-tanned character of leather well.
◎ Make the surface of leather very bright. Because of its excellent dispersant, can help vegetable, resin and dyestuff to penetrate.
◎ Having buffer property and tiny neutralization property. Having excellent uniform dyeing property. Having cecellen light-resistance, Very fitting for producing white and light color leather.
◎ Having excellent stability to electrolyte and mixture property. Excellent uniform filling property, having better filling property with rise or vegetable tannin. Gaving leather excellent buffing and ironing property.
◎ Gaving leather better softness and fullness. Having mild and comfortable tactility. Having within measure frothing feeling.
◎ Having excellent stability to heating and echanical operation.

BROTAN-FS Synthetic (Powder)

Chemical composition
Dicyandiamide poly-condensate


  1. Used in re-tanning and filling of chrome tanned leather. Improve fullness, especially fullness of belly. FS mainly fill in loose structure of leather and keep the characters of chrome tanned leather.
  2. FS enhance tightness and fullness of belly of the chrome tanned leather, endows leather with soft handle and tight grain and improves polishing of leather
  3. Thanks to lower astringency, FS keeps the grain smooth, fine and tight without harsh.
  4. Give leather excellent buffing and ironing property. Improve adhesion to coating while finishing.
  5. No influence on water fastness and strength of leather