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Bạn đang ở : Trang chủ Sản phẩm TÀI LIỆU KHOA HỌC PAC & CMC for Oil Drilling

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PAC & CMC for Oil Drilling
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PAC & CMC for Oil Drilling

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Drilling and completion fluids technology are an important part of oil drilling project, it plays a key role in ensuring safety, quality and fast drilling of drilling project. Cellulose ethers is one of the disposal agent, it is used to adjust drilling and completion fluids, its main function is reducing filtrate loss and thickener.
CMC and PAC can formed a thicker absorption solvent layer with the soil particles surface which exist in the drilling fluid to enhance coalescence stability of the system; the charges on particles surface are increased through the absorption of clay surface, in order to reduce the electrostatic attraction between the particles role; the permeability of mud cake can be reduced by increasing the viscosity of filtrate and plugging holes function.
CMC spread easily in all water-based drilling fluid,it can be applied to the fresh water and saturation salt water drilling. In the low solid phase and no solid-phase drilling fluid, it can significantly reduce the amount of filtration loss and thinning thickness of the mud cake, and strongly restrain shale hydration.
Our company’s PAC have strong water-soluble, good anti-salt, anti-calcium and magnesium, reduce filtration loss capacity, because we adopt special processing technology to produce PAC, it can be applied to different drilling fluid system , Especially in salt water drilling, seawater drilling, saturation salt water drilling, and all have a very good role in filtration loss. Compared to the CMC which produced by conventional process, it has the following characteristics:
(1) Uniform D.S, good transparency, controllable viscosity and filtration loss;
(2) Fit for water-based mud of fresh water, seawater and saturation salt water;
(3) Confected mud has good characteristic in reducing filtration loss, restraining and enduring high temperature;
(4) Confected mud has good rheology, it can restrain the dispersion and expansion of shale and clay in the high-salt medium, so that the pollution of the wall of a well under controlling;
(5) Made the soft soil structure stability to prevent the collapse of the wall;
(6) Slowed down the accumulate of solids in the mud, when well-drill get across the rock face;
(7) Restrained the turbulence in drill pipe, so that the circumfluence system can maintain a minimum pressure loss;
(8) Enhanced the yield of clay of the mud, reduced the filtration loss;
(9) Obtained stable foam mud.
In order to promote product development, and research the application of PAC & CMC in drilling and completion drilling fluids, our company unfolded a series of oil application experiments, which were applied to test the application performance of products and develop new products.